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The product said to use 14 to 21 days and at day 17, I already see new seed pods erupting all over. Now I know I can create my own feminized seeds in just a matter of days and I will be using this product forever! Happy growing, Farmer Dan.

Dan F.

This is a much better product than colloidal silver, as it produces identical results with less applications. Once a day for 14 or so days. I haven’t produced a single hermaphrodite using this stuff, and I’ve grown my fair share of hermis from bag seed.

Carl B.

I used this product from Dr. T’s Remedies and only have to spray it once per day. I now have 8 different cross strains growing. Coolest stuff I’ve ever used!

M. Fisher

I just wanted to let everyone know I bought Tiresias Mist to make my own fem beans. I started spraying my already fem’d lady two weeks before flip. After the flip, I continued to spray till I ran out. At first, the plant continued to flower like normal but 1 week after I ran out of spray, I now have pollen sacks on my sprayed branch. So far, I would have to say this is well worth the money!

Farmer Rick