About Tiresias Mist

Tiresias Mist is a naturally occurring mineral mixture that allows growers to isolate a branch of a female plant and enable it to produce male characteristics (i.e. pollen sacs). Because the genetics originate from a female plant, you will only have feminized seeds… GUARANTEED!



High Times magazine featured Tiresias Mist™ as 2012 product of the year due to the spray being a standard of reliability for all growers to use.



Currently there are a number of theories, practices, and products that are used with very mixed results and the products are not intended to be used on plants.



Tiresias Mist™ is currently being sold online, in hydroponic stores, and at events.



Always female seeds… No more guessing involved
No more waiting weeks for deliveries
A tap root from a seed will produce higher yields 
Store seeds for future use and crop timing
Easier to transport seeds vs seedlings or clones
Be your own mad scientist, create your own genetic strains


Directions for Use

  1. Choose a known female plant that has not started flowering and is at least two weeks in the vegetative cycle. Auto flower breeds should begin treatment when 5 inches tall.
  2. Mark one branch that you wish to treat.
  3. Begin the spraying process five days prior to the plant moving into the flowering cycle
  4. Mist the chosen branch 3-4 mists once a day for 21 days.
  5. Continue growing plant until female flowers are showing. Carefully dust your female flowers.
  6. Continue growing until your seeds are mature and then harvest and store them for future use.